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MMMMary K. Miller, Pharm.D., M.D.

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Judith Franks, B.A., M.A

American Medical Writers Association Freelance Directory


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Mary K. Miller, Pharm.D., M.D.

Being a physician, pharmacist, writer, editor, educator, innovative leader and i2p co-founder are more than jobs to me—they reflect my philosophy . . . live life with multiple interests; respect the environment; zestfully acquire new knowledge; communicate honestly; deeply commit to helping others, and lead with integrity.

Judith Franks, B.A. (English), M.A. (Humanities) 

As the co-founder of ideas2pen, I have been on this incredible journey as a writer, editor, business consultant and all-around wordsmith. I am a long time member of the American Medical Writers Association and former President of GSC Homestudy (a successful online continuing education company for healthcare providers--we were purchased by a another company . . . a few years back). Thank you for considering i2p for your next project.



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